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Top Spa in Markham

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Welcome to our event page!


Annually, Amici Spa organizes the Amici Breast Cancer Fundraising Gala & Our Open House.  Throughout the years, Amici Spa has established a reputation for what it is known for; friendship. From outdoor picnics, open houses to formal Gala’s supporting breast cancer, Amici has constantly been involved with family and community events that bring people together and celebrate friendship.


Amici Spa has decided to give back to their clients and growing community by hosting an annual Amici Breast Cancer Fundraising Gala, dedicated to the Markham Stouffville Hospital’s Women’s Health Centre.  Their inspiration and motivation for such an important event arose from their commitment and loyalty to their family members and devoted clients. Over the years Amici has met many wonderful and empowering women that have lost the fight against breast cancer, and will be dearly missed. These women have inspired the staff at Amici Spa to continuously support the fight against breast cancer year after year.


More recently, Amici Spa had hosted an extravagant open house celebrating 25 years in business. Since then, Amici Spa had decide to host an annual open house due to popular demand. Everything from special promotions, product/service education and good company are available at the annual open house.